The Biggest Mistakes Startups Make During the VC Pitch

by A Smart Bear

The best way for startups to avoid mistakes during the venture capital fundraising process is to know what those mistakes are. Is it a problem with your positioning? Was your messaging unclear?

Jason at A Smart Bear sat through hundreds of VC pitches and came up with these common errors:

  • Invalid competitive advantages
  • Lacking an unfair advantage
  • No one said they’d buy the product in the first place
  • Believing that uniqueness cancels out competition
  • Defining the company by the competition instead of constructing an individual message
  • No significant route to customers

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Jason also adds some tidbits that are more geared towards the presenter rather than the presenter’s idea, such as the example of an entrepreneur who is:

  • Building a company to scratch his/her own itch, rather than focusing on the market
  • Not recognizing personal faults
  • Shows poor communication
  • Overcompensates for ignorance with statements like: “How do I know? I just do.”

Don’t make these mistakes!