The Best Product Wins: Building a Product-Driven Company

by Inc.

If you want to build a successful software company, start with your focus on the product — and keep it there.

“The best product wins. Period,” writes Frank Addante, founder and CEO of the Rubicon Project. “That’s why I believe so strongly in a product-driven organization.  That is, a company that focuses all functions on the product.  Sales and marketing become the channels to take that product to market and everything else in the organization-finance, human resources, IT-are there to support the product and those who work on it.”

In a guest post for Inc., Addante explains that being product-driven means managing each product as  if it were a standalone business. “A product manager is like the CEO of the product, the engineering lead like the CTO, and the top marketer the CMO.  Each one needs dedicated resources for his respective functions and needs control over those resources to drive the plan.” To learn how to make your company more product-driven and poised for growth, read the full post at Inc.