The Best Employee Motivation Advice Boiled Down to One Word

by Inc.

“Effective motivation comes down to one surprising word…which might be why so many leaders fail to do it right,” writes Jeff Haden in an article for Inc. That word is…wait for it…patience.

“Say you want to instill a sense of urgency,” Haden suggests. “The best way to get people to go fast is to let them know why there’s a need to go fast, and then be encouraging and patient with their progress.” People don’t like being threatened, but they do respond when they believe they have the faith and support of someone who trusts them.

“Showing patience is an extraordinary way to let people know you care about them,” Haden writes. “By showing patience and expressing genuine confidence in them, your employees naturally will be motivated to find ways to do things that will amaze everyone—including themselves.” For more on using patience to motivate your employees, read the full article here.

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