The Benefits of Social Media in B2B Sales

by Inc.


social media

In a post for Inc., Tom Searcy explains why B2B companies need social media.

“For the modern sales representative, Sales 201 is about leveraging technology for efficiency and effectiveness for better results,” he writes.


Thanks to social media, Searcy explains, your ability to access a prospect’s data, interests, history, and preferences before you ever meet him or her is unprecedented.


“Knowing buyers’ Pandora choices, Yelp! favorites, and YouTube reviews gives you, over time, a much broader and richer picture of the person,” he writes.

“If you are not certain how [to access this information], do what I do: Ask one of my 20-something staff,” he writes.

Profile Your Target

Searcy suggests putting together the information you find on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to build a profile on your target buyer.


Searcy points to the recent finding that an email coming through LinkedIn is three times more likely to be opened than a standard email.

“These platforms are not just for research and background,” he writes, “they are great for direct prospecting.”

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