The 12 Things All Good Bosses Believe

by Harvard Business Review

What separates a good boss from a bad one?

Why are some beliefs adopted and practiced by good bosses, while bad bosses reject them? Rooted and backed by research, Robert I. Sutton presents 12 traits of good bosses.

So how do you differentiate between the two?

  • Good bosses focus on everyday tasks with an eye to the future. Small, measurable wins make up the usual agenda.
  • Good bosses have a knack for handling mistakes; they know how to problem solve.
  • Good bosses understand what it means to be perfectly assertive. They understand that it is a balancing act and always act appropriately.
  • Good bosses know their limitations. In this regard, they understand that because of their insulated position atop the business hierarchy, they don’t understand what it’s like to work for themselves.

Sutton expounds on these points, and others, throughout his article. His conclusion is that these traits are inherent in good bosses. And those that don’t posses these skills are often those that are considered incompetent bosses.