Ten Signs to Determine Your Need for an SFA Solution

by Focus

Evidence to show you that your company needs a sales force automation (SFA) solution can be arbitrary depending on your company and its business model.


But if sales are your problem, there are usually telltale warning signs that your business can give you upon inspection. These indicators, when interpreted and acted upon correctly, decide the fate of your business’s sales.

Here are a few examples:

  • Leads fall through the cracks: This is one of the most apparent signs. If you’re losing leads just because of your process, you are definite candidate for an SFA solution.
  • Customer contact information can change without you knowing: Having a complete perspective on your business is an important asset.
  • Disputes arise over compensation and territory: This is another one that speaks pounds to the professionalism and fluidity of a sales team and its process. If there is any kind of petty bickering going on, and it’s institutionalized, you have a major problem on your hands.

Attend to all of these potential signs of trouble by installing an SFA solution.