Watch the Best Hand-picked TED Talks for Entrepreneurs

by VentureBeat

TED talks for entrepreneursFeel inspired by hand-picked TED talks for entrepreneurs specifically geared toward tech founders and CEOs in need of an extra shot of get-up-and-go.

Michelle Kuepper of VentureVillage has collected some of the most inspiring TED talks for entrepreneurs to coincide with the TEDx conference kicking off in Berlin this week. With an eye toward tech and entrepreneurship in general, Kuepper selected a talk specifically geared toward pitching to VCs by David S. Rose, an interview with Richard Branson on bootstrapping it, and a Seth Godin lecture on the merits of taking chances to stand out “in a world saturated with products and time-strapped customers.”

Academia is represented as well, thanks to the presence of economics professor Larry Smith and his “kick in the pants for all procrastinating entrepreneurs.” Take a look at the complete list and spend a few hours being inspired by these hand-picked TED talks for entrepreneurs.