Technical Sales Strategies: Learn How to Pitch Engineers

by Jill Konrath

Engineers are a tough crowd. Read about technical sales strategies before you start pitching developers.

technical sales strategies

Jill Konrath, author and sales speaker, interviewed Sales Aerobics for Engineers founder Babette Ten Haken about  technical sales strategies at her Fresh Sales Strategies Blog.

Ten Haken reminds you that “word choices are extremely important to technical professionals,” and since engineers “second-guess and constantly professionally validate the technical positions they support,” you need to do your homework and understand exactly what you’re selling. The biggest challenge that most salespeople need to overcome is “their fear of technical professionals.” To help get you started, Ten Haken suggests that you “talk with your internal technical colleagues” to “become comfortable with their way of thinking.” From there, technical sales strategies follow a familiar formula: focus on customers, and don’t overpromise.