Teamwork Management: 7 Habits of Extraordinary Teams

by Inc.

Everyone agrees teamwork is important, but what are the primary drivers and defining characteristics of teamwork at its best?

In this post Inc.’s Geoffrey James provides a list of the seven habits that set truly extraordinary teams apart and fuel their success. It all starts with establishing and rallying behind leadership. Every great team has a great leader — someone who is solely responsible for the result the team delivers.

That said, teamwork also “requires that every member of the team understand exactly what the team is supposed to achieve,” James argues, and that “each team member should know exactly what he or she must do on a day-to-day basis so that the team achieves its goals.” That means two additional habits include setting clear, quantifiable goals and establishing well-defined roles.

Read the full post for James’s complete list and explanation of the seven habits that are crucial for successful teamwork management, and as James suggests, “make sure you’re fostering the kind of culture that helps these teams develop.”