I Got It: Effective Task Management Requires Individual, Not Group Ownership

by The Sales Blog

Whenever there’s a lack of clarity regarding task ownership, productivity inevitably suffers.

Anyone who has ever watched worthwhile tasks fall through the cracks because of a lack of ownership recognizes this can be a serious problem. Companies must take steps to create a catch-all to promote task accountability. In sales, the smaller, seemingly less important tasks are usually the ones that end up being overlooked. Sales coach S. Anthony Iannarino explains all of this in a post on his blog.

When everybody owns the task, he writes, nobody actually owns the task. Finger-pointing ensues and the task doesn’t end up getting done. Even small tasks can have a big impact on sales outcomes. Making sure they’re completed is a matter of abiding by strict ownership standards. For more on how assigning ownership can improve your task management, read the full article by Iannarino.

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  • Jennifer Mark

    Here in I would like to put my thoughts that a better task management not only replies with the individual thought but also with the group decision. Yes of course the individual thought is being obeyed by many others in the group as well but a group decision always wins the race.

    A small example I would like to focus my attention in that when I was into the small company and my boss’s decision was always being obeyed by all others in the company and at time other corporate people also ask for suggestions to him in certain cases. But a time came when we were about to go for a task manager for our office and my boss suggests google tasks there explaining the benefits of that and at the same time one of my colleague wants to go for a cloud based solution as that was the most advanced version of task management. He suggested certain tools like trello, basecamp, replicon, and many more. But as the boss decision was never overruled we went with google tasks and ultimately a day came where in the cloud based solution was required at time. And then we preferred to go with the task management solution from Replicon – http://www.replicon.com/olp/task-management-software.aspx that is cloud based nature which has a better management solution.

    Hence in every other steps groups decision makes a better sense I think.