Target Your Facebook Content Marketing with New Feature

by Content Marketing Institute

Learn how to target your Facebook content marketing to specific segments of your audience with the new Page Post Targeting feature.

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Elise Redlin, Director of Marketing at Terralever, writes that “with the onslaught of new feature after new feature, it’s easy to overlook a recent one that may actually change the game when it comes to” Facebook content marketing.

Page Post Targeting is what Redlin has her eye on, and she says that it “gives Page administrators a better way to get the right message in front of relevant community members” by segmenting their audience and delivering custom content to different groups. Redlin lists a few of the targeting options, which include age, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, language, and education. The process for targeting your Facebook content marketing takes just a few clicks, but Redlin writes that “the more complex part is deciding how to segment your community audience” and what “customized content you plan to share.”