Target Every Audience Segment with Personalized Content

by Content Marketing Institute

Deliver personalized content that targets each segment of your audience and watch your conversions climb.

personalized content

Mark Sherbin, blogger at Copywriting is Dead, writes  in a post at Content Marketing Institute that thanks to “existing techniques and new technology,” your site can deliver personalized content to different audience segments.

Relying on data to deliver relevant content based on audience interests and motivations, personalized content “ranges from a highly targeted call to action to a revolving landing page based on geographic or industry-specific segments.” To help you determine which data points are needed when tailoring content, Sherbin provides a list of categories by which “marketers can pare down how they segment the audience.” These top-level categories range from location to interest to referral source, and “each of these data points can be measured with or without visitor opt-in.” Sherbin then describes some effective methods for delivering your personalized content, as well as a four-step guide to get you started.