Take the Stress out of Social Media Marketing

by Inc.

Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Blogging. These days “doing it all” means balancing your work with an active social (media) life.

With all the pressure entrepreneurs are facing not only to join social networks, but to add active engagement and participation to their already busy schedules, it can certainly be easy to feel overwhelmed by the demands of social media marketing. But before you despair, Hollis Thomases, President and CEO of Web Ad.vantage has five pieces of advice to help make it all manageable.

In a guest post for Inc. Thomases suggests the first key to doing it all is realizing you don’t quite have to. If mastering every form of social media and the art of the bottom line at the same time feels unrealistic, it’s because it probably is. Business should always come first, and likewise, you should focus your social media efforts on the platforms that can best enable you to accomplish your company’s initiatives and goals. Once you’ve established your priorities, read the full post by Thomases to have everyone wondering how you find time to juggle it all.

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