Tactics to Overcome Cold Call Fear

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Review of Art Sobczak’s New Book

Marci Reynolds of the Sales Operations Blog recently read the book, “Smart Calling… Eliminate the Fear, Failure and Rejection From Cold Calling” by Art Sobczak and shares her thoughts on this well-written sales text.

Reynolds quotes Sobzcak in her breakdown of the three key steps to overcoming calling fear.

1. Acquire information about people, companies and industries, before you speak with the decision maker. In the book, Sobzcak covers trigger events, intelligence gathering, and how to work with screeners, gatekeepers and assistants.

2. Use that information within a proven, prospecting and sales process, and engage in a “conversational, consultative dialogue that puts both you and the prospect at ease.” Sobzcak’s book offers advice on what NOT to say during the first seven seconds of a call. He also suggests the best times to place calls and what to say when you get voicemail.

3. As a result, you will “help prospects take actions (buying from you) that they feel good about and from which they gain value.”

Sobzcak also covers best practices for asking smart questions, listening, wrapping up calls and gaining commitment in this recent release.

Reynolds suggests that while this book covers topics familiar to most salespeople, it’s value comes from the “very specific advice Art provides to attack each step.  He gives very clear examples of the “don’ts”, step-by-step instructions on the “dos” and interesting, real life examples of how this approach works and gets results.”

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