Super Sales Require Paramount People Skills

by Score More Sales

In a post for Score More Sales, Lori Richardson explains why both people skills and B2B tools are needed for stellar sales.

“People do business with people – not with companies – not with CRM tools,” she writes. “The growing community interaction online and how brands and businesses are integrating into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is staggering.”

Richardson says it is important to keep your focus on people, and use tools to having conversations with them.

“They don’t take the place of a phone meeting, a conference call, or an in-person meeting with your voice and your part of a 2-way interaction with them,” she writes.

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Your communication skills – what you say, how you say it, who you say it to, and how often

“How you say it is about your conviction, belief, and passion for your area of expertise,” she writes. “When people do not hear or feel the confidence in your voice or words, you can lose them and not get them back.”

Who you are communicating to is critical

“If you are not reaching those involved in decisions, you are at a big disadvantage, because these folks will basically be selling you to others,” she writes.

Whether you have a single or multi-faceted strategy for follow-up.

Richardson advises against following up by email or on Twitter.

“At some point, suggest or create a call, or send a note, or create a short video and send it to your prospective customer,” she writes. “Be flexible, and when you do connect, ask them how they prefer to communicate.”

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Richardson also suggests spacing your contact out.

“The problem for most sellers is that they are just “checking-in” and not always thinking of how to add value,” she writes.

For more on connecting with customers, read Richardson’s full post here.

Photo by: Thomas Hawk