SumAll Social Metrics: Put a Price on a Like

by TechCrunch

social metricsSocial Metrics, a new analytics tool, combines social, web traffic, and transactional data so marketers can apply a dollar value to social engagement.

Billy Gallagher of TechCrunch writes that data visualization company SumAll has launched its Social Metrics analytics tool that tracks “a company’s social activity against web traffic and revenue” and provides “insights on the company’s return on social marketing.” What sets SumAll’s product apart is that it gives users “transactional, social, and web traffic” stats “on a single dashboard.” While currently limited to Facebook and Twitter accounts, Social Metrics “combines them with data from Google Analytics, eBay, PayPal, Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magneto.” One of the tool’s early adopters found with Social Metrics data that “each engagement on Facebook was worth 1 cent and every advocacy was valued at $1.07.” Finally, social marketers can tie a dollar value to the fruits, fans, and followers of their labor.