Successful Salespeople Are Your Key to a New Process

by HBR Blog Network

successful salespeopleAre your successful salespeople the key to a new sales process that will bring you double-digit growth? Read a three-step strategy to spread their success to your other reps.

Andris A. Zoltners, P.K. Sinha, and Sally E. Lorimer, authors of Building a Winning Sales Management Team, write in a post at HBR Blog Network that in order to identify “which attributes (characteristics and competencies) belong in your sales success profile,” you only need to look at the successful salespeople in your team right now. To help you pick out the successful salespeople and which characteristics set them apart, Zoltners, Sinha, and Lorimer recommend a three-step strategy: “Identify, Isolate, Classify & Align.”

The three authors have “seen initiatives like” their three-step strategy “consistently produce bottom-line results,” and they point to Novartis’ efforts to identify their successful salespeople, isolate a set of principles, and develop “a new sales process that was derived from the behaviors of the outstanding performers.” In the end, Novartis boasted “six consecutive years of double-digit top line growth, well above the industry average,” and those are numbers that any sales VP can appreciate.