Are Your Operations Really Streamlined? 7 Startup Management Tools You Need

by Inc.

Time and money are two resources in short supply for any new company. Let these startup management tools save you both by streamlining a number of essential tasks.

startup management toolsJohn Brandon of Inc. presents a short list of seven startup management tools useful for “keeping your operations under control.” He begins with Expensify, which allows startups to track expenses easily by importing credit card statements, uploading receipts and more – all from a mobile app. Next up is SohoOS, a stripped-down, no-nonsense version of enterprise management software like SAP and Oracle.

Other highlights from Brandon’s list include Zoho’s Site24x7 and Bug Tracker for your development teams and GroSocial for your marketers. Identify the biggest time sucks in your new business, and run through Brandon’s full list of startup management tools for a solution.

  • Leslie Scott

    Cool lists. By the way what is your thought about online expense reporting software from Replicon?

    Wanted to know only because I kept the same in my pipeline and in a plan to go for.