Stop the Press Release! 4 Alternatives to Try Now

by Mashable

When it comes to making waves via major announcements, the press release may be dead in the water. Here are four innovative alternatives to help you create a bigger splash.

Decreeing the death of a traditional medium at the hands of exciting new alternatives is a time-honored practice, and this isn’t the first time the bell has tolled for the press release.

But when one of the biggest tech companies on the planet chooses to make a major announcement via blog post rather than a more traditional form, it’s harder to argue that the press release’s ship hasn’t sailed. As Jonathan Rick notes in his recent post for Mashable, Google isn’t the only company shifting to a new user-friendly medium and message, and the result represents a new era in corporate communications.

So if making major announcements via press release is out, what’s in? Rick highlights four examples of companies that are adopting and leveraging blog-centric communications with great success – and reveals the lessons that others can learn from them. Real estate company Zillow, for example, utilizes a blog full of conversational posts, taking care to connect with their customers by “keeping it human.” For more innovative examples and lessons on how your company should deliver its news, read Rick’s full post here.

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