The State of SaaS Marketing [Infographic]

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Infographic by Rachel Worthman.

Over the past several months, OpenView has surveyed more than 500 SaaS leaders to evaluate how they market their software products. What we’ve uncovered is a failure by many to properly diversify marketing efforts and a huge opportunity when it comes to marketing attribution. Specifically, we discovered that more marketers need to implement programs that properly track how their marketing spend impacts conversion.

If you haven’t taken our interactive survey and want to see how you compare to your peers, you can fill out our SaaS Marketing Scorecard here. In the meantime, check out the infographic below to gain a better understanding of the state of SaaS marketing.

View full size infographic here.

  • Fantastic infographic!

  • Thanks Ashley. However the 8% number (at the top) for marketing spend is somewhat misleading in the absence of the full cost of sales/marketing as a component of expenses. was not GAAP profitable for its first 15 years because it spent more than 50% of revenue on marketing/sales. That’s the number that needs to be called out….TOTAL SALES/MARKETING spend or CAC for the SaaS crowd.

    • Ashley Minogue

      Thanks for the feedback. Valid point – we have a more comprehensive SaaS metrics survey we are conducting and have included that. Will share the results when finalized!

  • David

    Great article.