State of Recruiting 2012: Key Takeaways to Win the War for Talent

by The Undercover Recruiter

Read key takeaways from the State of Recruiting 2012 survey and infographic to learn how to better concentrate your hiring efforts.

recruiting 2012

Jorgen Sundberg, trainer for recruitment and HR at Link Humans and blogger at The Undercover Recruiter, writes that The State of Recruiting 2012, a survey conducted by Talent Tech, “is proof corporate and economic growth is on its way this year.”

In order to win the “war of talent,” Sundberg recommends recruiters “be innovative in how they source the best candidates” by leveraging new channels like social media as well as traditional ones like job boards. Sundberg highlights some of the key takeaways from the Recruiting 2012 survey, including average times to read a resume and to fill a position, as well as the top sources for new hires. “Spending time wisely is key to finding top talent faster,” Sundberg reminds us, and the Recruiting 2012 survey and its accompanying infographic may help you better direct your efforts.