A Healthy Dose of Gamification: Startups Bring Concept to Healthcare

by Xconomy

Can gamification make hitting the gym and staying healthy more fun — and profitable?

Boston-based startup GymPact is betting that millions of Americans will find it far easier to hop on the treadmill when they can earn cash doing it. According to Xconomy journalist Arlene Weintraub, “The startup uses GPS to track how much time its users spend at the gym, then gives them cash for fulfilling their workout goals—money that comes from GymPact members who pay the company if they fail to exercise as promised.”

In this article Weintraub points out that “GymPact is one of dozens of startups seeking to capitalize on the gamification of healthcare—the explosion of interest in using technology and social media to make adopting healthy habits fun for consumers.” It’s a big movement, sparked by a growing interest in the adoption of game dynamics, in general. “Virtually every major health insurer, including UnitedHealth Group (NYSE:UNH) and BlueCross BlueShield, has some sort of initiative under way to incorporate game-based programs into its offerings,” Weintraub writes. Read the full article for more on how gamification is set to impact the healthcare industry and the major players involved.