Startup Star Search: 7 Ways to Find Top Talent

by AVC

“One of the most vexing problems entrepreneurs face is where to find strong talent for their companies,” writes Fred Wilson, principal of Union Square Ventures, in a post for his AVC blog.

“The kind of people you want to hire for your company are in short supply and they are rarely out looking for a job.” That means not only do you have to find them, you often have to go out and get them through recruiting. But what are the best places to start your search?

Wilson offers seven suggestions, including the advice to begin with your and your team’s connections, keep watch for opportunities to poach from your competition, and look to companies that have just been purchased for stars on the team who might be easily pulled from the buyer. In addition, he points to resources like Stack Overflow, Behance (both are USV portfolio companies), Dribbble, and GitHub to discover international talent, and also suggests that you can’t underestimate the potential of an internship program to result in the hiring of promising young college grads.

“Don’t expect that you will be able to find people easily,” however, writes Wilson. “Recruiting is a full time job for many people…. You need a strategy, a process, and a committment to the process. It will bear fruit over time if you are patient and committed.” For more on where to find your company’s next top talent, read Wilson’s full post here.

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