Sales at a Startup Should be Different

by Both Sides of the Table

All sales positions require a level of talent and an ability to execute, regardless of the company in question. Startup sales are unique in that they require something extra.

Or rather, it’s what you shouldn’t include in a startup sales environment that make it unique. VC Mark Suster explains this idea in a recent write-up on his blog.

In response to a critique of one his previous posts, he shares some thoughts on startup sales. Suster’s overarching point is that, in early stages companies, you must pay close attention to the big picture. For example, if you hire an accomplished senior salesperson, are you ready to make the fiscal and operational commitment necessary to keep them happy? Suster concludes that a salesperson with such seniority probably isn’t a good fit at a startup. For more on how sales at a startup should be different, read the full article by Suster.

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