Startup Pivot: How Companies Change to Survive and Thrive

by Fast Company

The startup pivot has saved tech companies galore. Find out how it can help yours.

startup pivot

Simone Baribeau of Fast Company writes that although the startup pivot “is at the tip of every tech founder’s tongue…doesn’t mean there’s any consensus on what it means.” Fast Company’s final Pivot video looks back “on almost 20 companies’ successful turnarounds…and how they view the strategic shifts that led to their success.”

Some of the companies included in the video include Intel, Instagram, and Zappos, whose founder and CEO Tony Hsieh says that the company’s startup pivot took them from a company all about shoes to one “all about customer experience.” Instagram’s co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom talks about how his company threw out “everything that wasn’t working” to focus entirely on the photo segment of their app. The startup pivot has turned countless companies  around. Learn how it could help yours.