Is Your Startup Culture Destroying Your Creativity?

by Inc.

Creativity and innovation are crucial qualities for any entrepreneur hoping to launch a new business and make an impact. But is the current fast-paced, perform under pressure startup mentality truly conducive to that?

“For a couple of years now, one of the core start-up mantras has been “release early and release often”—or, even more pithy, “fail fast,” writes Tara Hunt, CEO and co-founder of Buyosphere. “But more and more, I’m starting to think that the constant pressure to go-go-go may be killing more organizations than it’s helping.” In a guest article for Inc., Hunt takes a cue from Jonah Lehrer’s book, Imagine: How Creativity Works, and considers where creativity really comes from. “Contrary to the prevailing start-up culture, creativity doesn’t usually come easy or fast,” Hunt argues, citing Apple and Pinterest as examples. “Most great ideas are months (even years) in the making, and they tend to come along when the pressure is off.”

“I love fast-paced environments just like most entrepreneurs,” Hunt writes, “but I make too many bad decisions just because I need to. I perform well under pressure. I wonder what I could do with more breathing room.” For more on how your fast-paced startup culture actually may not be conducive to creativity, read her full post here.

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