Stand and Deliver: 5 Sales Presentation Tips

by Inc.

Learn five sales presentation tips and ensure that you’re ready to pitch at a major-league level every time.

sales presentation tipsGeoffrey James of Inc. wants you to remember that a sales presentation “is not a conversation, a questioning session, or a rapport-building chat.” Instead, it’s your moment to deliver whatever proposition you have to offer, and he has five sales presentation tips to make sure you stick to the best pitch possible.

The first of James’ sales presentation tips is to “never make a sales presentation or pitch to an individual or even to a group of two of three people.” Conversation is better for a small group. Next, don’t deliver a lecture or a keynote, as you’re not trying to entertain or inform. After that, stick to a simple structure and present real, verifiable evidence for your product. Always frame your pitch from the customer’s point of view and let the data do the selling. After all, numbers don’t lie.