Something to Talk About: Examples of Bold Brand Strategy that Generates Buzz

by SlideShare

“If your marketing can inspire word of mouth, your message will extend beyond paid media and your campaign will be exponentially more effective.”

It’s with that quote that ad agency 22squared opens their presentation, “Why People Talk: Eight Ways to Inspire Conversation about Your Brand.” Celebrating 60 examples of brand strategies that got people talking, the first slide of the presentation also carries a note of forewarning for those seeking to spark consumer recommendations and word of mouth frenzy: “it may be free, but it’s not easy.”

You have to be bold. Daring. As Gus Lubin suggests in his write-up of the presentation for Business Insider, you’ve got to take risks. It also doesn’t hurt to have a worthy cause, a really cool, innovative concept, or to just be incredibly funny. Examples include Dove’s “real beauty” campaign, Nike’s Grid (which turned an entire city into a game board), and, of course, the Old Spice Man campaign. For more examples to inspire your brand’s bold leap to word of mouth success, view the full presentation here.

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