Some Tips on Getting More Likes on Facebook

by Kyle Lacy

You already have a sizeable Twitter following. The next logical step is to seamlessly convert all of these followers into Facebook fans, right?

But how is this process accomplished? Perhaps it’s better to explain how it’s not accomplished. If your idea of social media conversion consists of posting a Tweet that essentially says, “Do you enjoy reading our crap? Why not ‘Like’ us on Facebook, too?” Your followers will not be clamoring to get to your Facebook page after an appeal like that. Instead, you need to engage them and offer an incentive to join you on Facebook. Here’s how:

  • Utilize your blog and a content marketing strategy. Create an interesting post and include a link to your Facebook page, where, your visitors will be able to get more of the same quality content.
  • Add some flare and draw to your Facebook. Run exclusive contests or giveaways. If you’re used to putting the entire onus on your pitch, this may work particularly well.


Attracting visitors that Like your Facebook page takes more than just a basic pitch. It takes incentives and a well-developed online marketing strategy. Read the full article by Kristina Allen for more information on this topic.