The 7 Deadly Sins of Software Development

by GigaOm

In their attempt to walk the righteous path toward expansion and growth, many software companies can find themselves led astray by temptation.

“Companies today are often so focused on growth that they commit one (or several) software development sins,” writes Magne Land, scrum master and tech lead at RightScale, a provider of multi-cloud management.

In a guest post for GigaOM, translates how each of the seven deadly sins can negatively impact software development, from lusting after perfection (which doesn’t exist), to allowing greed to shift their priorities from long-term to short-term goals, to envying other products to the point that they lose focus and fall victim to “feature creep.”

Read Land’s full post for more on the seven deadly sins of software development, and the warning signs your company needs to watch out for in order to stay on the straight and narrow road to startup success.

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