Social Media Strategy: Brian Solis’s #1 Tip for Social Media Managers


Don’t force it. Start reshaping your social media strategy to incorporate as part of your overall digital plan, rather than its own entity that struggles to see tangible returns.

Brian Solis, principal at Altimeter Group, wants you to rethink your social media strategy. Solis encourages marketers and businesses as a whole to “stop talking about social media as the catalyst for earning internal support and instead view it as one of the enablers for transformation.” Instead of “attempting to create ‘new’ metrics to substantiate investments” in social media marketing is “ultimately a losing battle.”

Solis suggests that marketers “think about social media, mobile, web, as a holistic digital strategy that drives desired experiences and outcomes” where “business value and outcomes are factored into digital strategy and prioritization.” By thinking about social media strategy as part of the whole, rather than a standalone channel, you’re legitimizing your social spend without forcing it.

Director of Analytics and Search