Eureka! 10 Tips for Experimenting with Your Social Media Strategy

by Jeff Bullas's Blog

Social media marketing can often seem like an attempt to create order from chaos. That’s why it helps to get scientific.

In a guest post for Jeff Bullas’s blog, Lisa Galarneau, a freelance anthropologist who specializes in digital and social media, offers 10 tips for making sense of it all and getting the biggest bang from your social media experiments. When you think about your social media strategy, think of yourself establishing orbits around things you love and creating magnetism (good contributions) for others to orbit you,” writes Galarneau, “The Web quickly rewards people who create value and fresh perspectives. Leaving comments in blogs, tweeting, sharing, etc. are all pretty low effort ways to establish yourself.”

Galarneau also advises marketers to be consistent, conduct a lot of trial and error testing, and engage with members of the community. “Social media networks are your front line to your most wired communities,” Galarneau writes. “Getting to know those people via comprehensive observation can help you find opportunities to engage [and address practical needs] in ways you’ve probably never thought of.” Read Galarneau’s full post for more tips on how to get the best results from your social media strategy experiments.

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