Social Media Marketing Statistics to Guide Your Strategy

by VentureBeat

Is your social strategy efforts in line with the latest social media marketing statistics? Find out.

social media marketing statistics

John Koetsier of VentureBeat reports that “content marketing company Compendium ran a study with more than 200 companies” that looked into various social media marketing statistics in both B2B and B2C conversations, and “it turns out that who you’re marketing to makes a massive difference.”

Koetsier writes that “the study looked at factors such as word count, punctuation, time of posting, and day of the week of posting to determine success factors,” and, “if you’re talking to consumers, Monday and Wednesday are best on Twitter,” while “LinkedIn is better on Monday.” The study also found that for B2B marketers, “post to LinkedIn on Sunday, and to Twitter on Wednesday,” but avoid using hashtags altogether. “The one great commonality” for all social media marketers is to avoid using question marks, as posts that contained them “get between 25 and 52 percent fewer clicks.” Read the full post for a more complete summary and to get a look at the infographic that presents a fuller picture of Compendium’s social media marketing statistics.