Social Media Campaigns by the Numbers: How Day-of-the-Week & Frequency Impacts Engagement

by Marketing Profs

Are you blasting out Facebook, Twitter, and other social media campaigns on Friday and calling it a weekend? You’re not alone, but you’re also not getting the engagement bang for your buck.

facebook stats

As this article for Marketing Profs puts it, “There are good days to start a social marketing campaign, and there are better ones: Most Facebook campaigns are deployed on Fridays, but those deployed on Tuesdays generate the most customer engagement, according to a study by Yesmail Interactive.” The study, conducted over three months analyzing consumer engagement with online campaigns for 20 major retails brands, also indicated that while there is no universal number in terms of frequency of Facebook campaigns deployed per month that guarantees success, less does tend to be more. One of the most surprising findings was that the highest Facebook engagement was found among campaigns starting between 10pm and 12am EST.

Fridays were also determined to be an off-day for Twitter marketing campaigns — in fact, it was the least engaging day — whereas Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each consistently ranked high. The article reports that, “The most engaging time slots for Twitter-based campaigns were 5 am to 6 am and 7 am to 8 am EST.” For more social media campaign stats, read the full post at Marketing Profs.