Social Media Analytics Tools to Get a Bigger Budget

by Convince & Convert

social media analytics toolsJustify all the work you put into your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest marketing with social media analytics tools that track more than just your total number of followers.

Chris Sietsema, Social and Digital Operations Lead at Convince & Convert, lists five of the top social media analytics tools for marketers. Sietsema calls it “a rundown of classic and new tasks you can perform in Google Analytics to demonstrate social media’s impact.” Starting with filters for social media traffic and conversions coming to your web properties from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, Sietsema also dives deeper into social media analytics tools with custom event tracking for traffic sent to company social profiles, A/B testing for social engagement, and even social media lead attribution. With the right analytics, you can prove your social media efforts’ effectiveness beyond the number of likes and followers.