Social Customer Service: 6 Tips for Effective Implementation

by 1to1 Media

Learn six best practices for combining social media and customer service.

Cynthia Clark of 1to1 Media writes that “many business leaders want to invest in social customer service because they recognize that it’s more cost-effective than replying to contact center calls,” but she warns that “unless it’s used well, social media can do more harm than good.” To help you meld social media and customer service, she offers six tips.

Clark points to Zappos as an example of a company that strives “to reply to customers over social media in as real time as possible,” including those with customer service questions. “Social media agents should keep the customer informed of the steps” being taken, even if “the company doesn’t have a reply there and then.” Next, Clark says that social customer service interactions should be proactive, with companies keeping customers in the loop on all new developments or problems. Also, be sure you’re always paying attention to the customer feedback coming in through social channels. Read the full list of tips and be better positioned to tie social media into your customer service model.

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