So You Want to Be a Startup CEO: It’s Not All Glitz and Glamour

by OnStartups

Being a startup CEO ain’t always all it’s hyped up to be. It can require a lot of hard work and with great IPO potential comes great responsibility. That said, it can be amazing, too, but only if you’re able to master the right skills.

In a post for his OnStartups blog, Dharmesh Shah, Chief Technology Officer and founder of HubSpot, dismisses the misconception that being a startup CEO is always a glamorous job, and lays out a dozen ways in which they have work hard in order to effectively lead their company to success.

Among the responsibilities: keeping the company on track and true to its vision, finding the right talent and delegating responsibility accordingly, and being the link between the company and its investors. In order to accomplish these goals, Shah believes a truly great startup CEO must be able to learn on the job, have an uncanny ability to say no, and be a great communicator and motivator. For more on what it takes to be a startup CEO, read Shah’s full post here.

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