Do You Know Where Your Passwords Are? 4 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Small Business

by Mashable

As the recent report of LinkedIn’s password hack makes abundantly clear, cybersecurity is a major issue that every company needs to address. But for small and expansion-stage companies with budgets that are already stretched thin, how can they protect themselves against cyberattacks and information leaks without breaking the bank?

“Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks: Without the big security budgets of Fortune 500 companies, they’re seen as easy prey by digital information thieves and corporate espionage experts,” writes Alex Fitzpatrick in a post for Mashable. “And if you’re hit by an attack, you should be prepared to face a revenue loss of up to $10,000 (or more) if your website goes down in the process.” To find out what small businesses can do to lock down their online security, sleep sound at night knowing they’re protected, and turn their focus back to running their companies, Fitzpatrick spoke with Rick Doten, former chief scientist for cybersecurity at Lockheed Martin and current vice president of cybersecurity at DMI, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider.

Doten’s advice for securing small businesses includes relatively quick and easy steps such as encouraging employees to be careful and considerate of what they post on social media, managing devises employees are allowed to sue on internal networks and encrypting them appropriately, and, of course, using better passwords and updating them regularly. Read the full post for more detailed advice on improving your small business cybersecurity.

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