Secret to Better Sales: Believing in Your Price

by The Sales Hunter



In a post for the Sales Hunter, Mark Hunter explains how salespeople destroy profits by not truly believing in their price.

“Too many salespeople roll over and play dead when the customer even hints at not being willing to pay full-price,” he writes.

He cites an example of a recent exchange between a customer and a salesperson where the salesperson — even before putting the offer on the table — told the customer they were going to give them a lower price.

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“As if offering a discount right up front wasn’t a big enough mistake, the salesperson went on to give the customer an even bigger discount when they were slow to respond with their decision,” he writes.

Although the customer did end up buying, the salesperson gave up nearly 50% of the profit they should have made.

“The #1 way salespeople destroy profit is by not having enough confidence and conviction in what it is they sell,” he writes.

Hunter says it is vital to believe in what you sell and how your customers will benefit from it.

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“Your job is to believe 100% in what it is you sell and to then sell it at 100% full price,” he writes.

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