Salesforce Launches, New Social Customer Support Product

by VentureBeat

Looking for a social customer support platform that offers monthly subscriptions and pay-as-you-go options? Recently launched, a Salesforce product, should cater to your particular needs.

The new service is based on the Assistly platform, which Salesforce previously purchased for a reported $80 million sum. Working with this foundation, the product was rebuilt with new assets, a new API and a new mobile client, according to a executive. VentureBeat contributor Sean Ludwig writes that the new product shares similarities with other offerings in the social customer support space, but it’s distinct in its polish and refinement.

The backbone of the service will be its ability to connect users to multiple customer support channels including email, phone, social media and others. The first full-time agent a company uses through the service is free. Thereafter, pricing options for will start at a base rate of $49 per additional full-time agent, per month. Additionally, for companies that value flexibility in their use of the service, a $1 per hour, per additional part-time agent option is also available. is likely to tout its ease of use and setup to lure in more customers, much like the marketing angle its parent company Salesforce relies on. For more on, read the full article by Ludwig.