Sales Calls from the Crypt: 5 Experts Share Their Worst Sales Horror Story

We asked five of the industry’s top sales pros to share their most nightmarish sales experiences. They didn’t disappoint.

Worst Sales Calls Horror Stories | OpenView Labs

If you’ve worked in sales, you’ve undoubtedly made a mistake or had an experience you wish you could forget. Whether it’s accidentally (and permanently) deleting a presentation deck just before a big meeting, or realizing you called a prospect by the wrong name after hanging up the phone — sales snafus can be haunting.


How to Survive in Today’s Sales World by Adding Value from Minute 1

Want to stay relevant in today’s rapidly evolving sales world? Sales trainer John Barrows explains why winning more deals now comes down to learning how to give before you get.

 Adding Value to Sales Calls | OpenView Labs

It’s a tough world out there for the average sales rep. According to sales trainer John Barrows, the future looks bleak. Of course, the key word in that sentence is “average” and Barrows acknowledges that highly driven, exceptional salespeople are going to do just fine. The reason? Because they’re adaptive, and they recognize one thing: To truly engage prospects, just pitching your solution doesn’t cut it. Not anymore. These days, it’s all about adding value.


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Choosing the Best Sales Compensation Plan for Your Business

Sales strategy consultant Michael Hanna breaks down the keys to designing an effective sales compensation plan that keeps your team motivated and focused on the right results.

Choose the Best Sales Compensation Plan | OpenView Labs

Want to get a sales rep’s complete, undivided attention? Bring up their compensation plan. Few things have such a direct, immediate impact both on reps, personally, and on your business as a whole. It’s crucial that you get your comp plan right — not only to ensure your reps are motivated, but to ensure they’re motivated around the right activities that are truly going to move the right needle for your business. Get it wrong and your business could wind up paying the ultimate price.


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The Perfect Playbook for Cold Calling the C-Suite

Having trouble breaking through to a prospect? Sometimes the best move is going straight to the top.

Playbook for Cold Calling Executives | OpenView Labs

Sure, it can seem intimidating to call up executives, and they may not be your first target. But sales executive, author, and serial entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman argues calling the C-suite is a sales strategy that can actually produce remarkable results. Here’s why and how to do it.


Bursting the Social Selling Bubble

There’s plenty of hype around social selling these days and, frankly, Mike Weinberg is sick of hearing it. Learn why he’s dead set on dispelling social selling myths that aren’t just misleading, but flat-out dangerous.

Bursting the Social Selling Bubble | OpenView Labs

You hear them everywhere these days — loud, shrill voices proclaiming that everything has changed, that social selling has replaced traditional prospecting and selling. In this week’s episode of Labcast, Mike Weinberg, founder of The New Sales Coach and one of OpenView’s Top 25 B2B Sales Influencers for 2014, explains why he believes that kind of thinking is dangerous, and why we should look to social as a supplemental tool rather than a replacement. Fair warning: This may get loud.


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Death of the Average Sales Rep

Are sales professionals doomed to become irrelevant? Sales trainer John Barrows highlights three disturbing trends and shares what sets apart the select few reps who will survive and thrive.

Death of the Average Sales Rep | OpenView Labs

3 Disturbing Trends Threatening Sales As We Known It

I’m noticing three very disturbing trends in sales and marketing that I think seriously threaten the relevance and livelihood of the average sales professional.


When and How to Promote Business Development Reps

Your best business development reps want to be closing, and you want to help them get there. Influitive VP of Sales Emmanuelle Skala explains how to do it right by defining a clear path for promotion.

How to Develop a BDR Promotion Track | OpenView Labs

Hiring a great sales rep is hard enough. Once you have one on board you want to do everything you can to keep them and help them advance. For business development reps (BDRs) that means offering them a chance to be promoted to Account Executives (AEs). But as Emmanuelle Skala, VP of Sales at Influitive explains, not only will having that promotion track clearly defined and standardized help your BDRs succeed, it will also save you considerable pain and confusion.


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3 Ways to Get a Better Read on Your Sales Candidate

The last thing you can afford is a bad sales hire. Here are three creative ways to switch up your interview process and get a more accurate understanding of sales candidates.

Tips for Better Sales Candidate Interviews | OpenView Labs

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, finding top-notch sales talent is easier said than done. And this doesn’t just go for your closers. Inbound lead qualification reps, outbound prospecting reps, inside sales reps, enterprise account executives — you name it, team members with the requisite drive, skill, and a track-record of success are hard to come by.


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