A Sales VP’s Biggest Time Suck (And How to Avoid It)

by Sales Benchmark Index

A Sales VP can spend up to 50 days per year — nearly two full months — on this one activity alone. Is there a better way?

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Are you spending too much time on sales forecasting? Dan Perry, Principal at Sales Benchmark Index encourages you to ask yourself which would make a bigger impact: spending more time coaching your sales managers, upgrading your team’s talent, planning your vision for the next quarter, or wasting valuable time projecting numbers? “Forecasting is eating up valuable selling time. It is distracting from asking how we will sell the deal vs. what we are going to sell,” Perry writes. As a solution, he recommends mapping your sales pipeline to the buying journey, shifting from opinion-based forecasting to fact-based forecasting, and programming your CRM to roll each rep’s data up to a worksheet. Not only will the result be more accurate forecasting, you will also find yourself with more time to spend on the things that really matter: selling, coaching, and managing.