Sales Teams: Avoid These Traps to Keep Your Customers

by Jonathan Farrington

In a post for Jonathan Farrington’s blog, the man himself talks through a list of the best ways to lose customers. For example:

• Pass the customer around

One of the top ways to lose customers, Farrington writes, is to make it virtually impossible for the customer to get what they want when they call you. (See Tipping the Scales with Superb Customer Service)

• Buy a system, then fit your strategy around it

Many companies buy a wonderful system for recording customers’ details, but don’t understand it, which just creates more complications.

• Rely on technology

A huge mistake you can make, Farrington says, is to forget the people and buy the best technology.

• Forget about training

So many companies today put staff on the telephone without an iota of training, he says. “Better still, make sure they can’t be easily understood and are good at arguing with customers,” he writes.

But that’s not all you can do keep the customers you have. For a full rundown, read Farrington’s full post here.