Sales Takeaways from March Madness

by Eloqua



In a post for Eloqua, Shawn Cook offers up several sales lessons we can take away from March Madness.


Cook says the best way to get confidence is by gathering intelligence.

According to Aberdeen Research’s Peter Ostrow, “Best in Class” companies using sales intelligence tools saw a 28.4% average year-over-year increase in revenue and 14.6% increase in sales reps making quota.


Cook says sales enablement tools can help the salesperson dig beneath the surface, unearthing nuances about the buyer’s journey and matching relevant content.


“By connecting marketing automation to a CRM system, it’s far simpler to track the performance of various sales and marketing strategies, identify the high performers, and cut what doesn’t work,” he writes.


“Lead scoring makes it possible for my marketing friends to prioritize leads based on fit – who they are – and engagement – what they’ve done. But I expect marketing to make adjustments to their scoring when needed,” Cook writes. “ This way, sales can expect a consistent set of ready-to-talk leads, and not get bogged down with tire-kickers.”

For more sales tips, read Cook’s full post here.

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