Sales Prospecting Limits: Less Is More

by The Sales Hunter

sales prospectingSet limits on your lists for sales prospecting and have time enough to convert those potential customers.

Mark Hunter, consultant and The Sales Hunter blogger, writes that a lot of salespeople have the same problem with sales prospecting: “they think that it 30 prospects are good, then 300 would be really good.” Hunter wants reps to start thinking that “less is more when it comes to leads,” and provides a few key points to prove that.

Reps who have too many names in their sales prospecting queue only have time to reach potential customers once, but those prospects need to be contacted multiple times to convert. Similarly, the number of names on your list needs to be small enough so that you have time to manage them today and every day after. “Only have on your list the number of names you can get through in a two-week period,” Hunter says. That way you can follow up two weeks later and start the list again.