Highwire Balancing Act: 3 Questions to Ask Prospects to Get a Grip on Your Sales Pipeline

by Social Media Today

We’re approaching the end of another quarter, and many sales reps may be walking a fine line — or straddling a narrow B2B sales pipeline — between achieving their quota or falling short.

As a sales manager, you “need to act now to determine if the opportunities that remain are winnable,” writes Matt Lohman for Social Media Today. Otherwise, your time may be better spent getting a start on next quarter. How do you get a grip on the situation? By asking your prospects three key questions, Lohman suggests: Are we currently winning your business? What will prevent us from finalizing this month? Are the key people and decision makers available for the rest of the month?

“Watching a performer walk the highwire without a net might be a thrill, but none us want to walk a tightrope in our daily sales pursuits,” writes Lohman. Read his full post to get a solid footing with your sales pipeline management. The end of the quarter will be here before you know it.