Sales Personality Types: Balance Is Best

by Business Insider

What are the best sales personality types? Those who walk a fine line between talkative and timid.

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Max Nisen of Business Insider writes that despite common sense suggesting the opposite, extroverts and those outgoing people who love talking to others are actually some of the worst sales personality types.

Citing research from Wharton Professor Adam Grant, Nisen says that “ambiverts,” defined as “people that test exactly as halfway between being extremely extroverted and extremely introverted,” are “far and away the best in sales.”

Grant reached his results by looking at yearly revenue, where “ambiverts outsold extroverts by 32 percent and introverts by 24 percent.” Nisen also quotes Scientific American writer Melinda Moyer, who offers a potential explanation by suggesting that “extroverted salespeople may sometimes be too pushy and turn potential buyers off.”