Sales Numbers: Your Key to Spotting Pipeline Problems

by The Sales Blog

Use sales numbers to pinpoint the problems in your sales cycle.

sales numbers

Anthony Iannarino, President and Chief Sales Officer at SOLUTIONS Staffing, reminds you that “your sales numbers tell a story,” since “your numbers paint a picture of what you believe, as well as the actions you take based on those beliefs.”

Iannarino points to your pipeline as an example of a story that your sales numbers might be telling you. “If your pipeline is empty, your pipeline metrics tell the story of a salesperson (or sales organization) that isn’t prospecting.” Or, Iannarino says, “if your pipeline is full of deals that are smaller than your target deal size,” then you might want to consider changing at how you look at the long sales cycle deals. Look for stages in the sales cycle in which your deals tend to stall, and examine ways to get a better handle on the sales process overall. “You are the hero in the story your numbers tell,” and “your numbers tell the story of where you are challenged, and where you are succeeding.”