Sales Managers’ Great Expectations: You Can’t Have ‘Em Without Ongoing Training

by Jonathan Farringtons Blog

One of the reasons your sales teams may not be meeting expectations is poor training and weak employee development.

And you may be to blame.

Many sales managers looking to save money have sliced employee training programs down to the barest bones, leaving sales forces crippled in the face of great expectations. Even employees who have gone through training … haven’t gone through enough.

Jonathan Farrington writes:

“Even if salespeople have undergone progressive sales training, there’s no guarantee that they will be successful. It is common knowledge that skills grow rusty over time and salespeople are prone to pick-up bad habits along the way, or to simply skip steps and take shortcuts that can lead to long-term trouble.”

Ongoing employee training is especially critical in the fast-paced tech world.

Your employees are able and willing—do them a favor and invest in their professional growth!