Sales Manager Tips: How to Avoid Micromanaging While Still Following Up

by The Sales Hunter

Scrutinizing your sales reps’ results won’t help boost their productivity. The good news is you can still stay on top of things without micromanaging.

“It is a fine line for any manager — the difference between breathing down your salesperson’s neck and making sure they are tracking toward their goals and objectives for the day, week, month, quarter and year,” writes Jeff Purtell, Chief Operating Officer at Acquirent, in a guest post for The Sales Hunter Blog. “While no rep will say they like to be micromanaged, no manager likes to see when their salesperson is behind and it is too late to catch up.”

In order to drive results without cracking the proverbial whip quite so often, Purtell suggests implementing five sales management methods, including organizing daily or weekly competitions, establishing an internal service level agreement — including turnaround time on follow-up activities or the CRM process in addition to number of calls, appointments, closes, etc. — and making dashboards visible to all. “Sometimes the best way to manage results is not to do it at all and let a rep’s internal pride and competitive nature be your best friend,” Purtell writes. “Once you measure results and activities, make them clearly visible to the entire team or company.” Read his full post for more tips on how to get sales results without becoming the type of micromanager you never responded well to, either.

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